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First, let's get into what a wedding content creator actually is

Are you already dreading the fact that you're going to have to wait 4-12+ weeks to get your wedding photos and video back? This is where we come in - *insert the social content creator* - to fill that void, where we will capture, produce, and post content from your wedding on social media in real-time and after the celebration.

Memories to share right away

A new wedding vendor has entered the chat... we're bringing Content Creation to the timeless wedding industry. Why wait 4-12+ weeks for your professional wedding photos and videos when you can share special moments from your wedding right when they happen! Have extended family that can't make it for your special day? No problem! Through the use of social media, they will feel like they are there experiencing the entire day with you! 


This is perfect for couples who want to be fully immersed in the moment of their special day, but know they also want to share the love on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. Here are some reasons couples hire us for their special day:

The CBK team already takes before & after photos and videos of all makeup services on the day of your wedding. With extreme attention to detail and an eye for the camera, the CBK team will ensure all raw photos & content are of the highest quality. We know how to work your best angles, provide the best lighting, and know all the trending audio & transitions. Need proof? Check out our photo gallery and social media profile!

Own and edit photo and video content from your day – other vendors cut thousands of photos and hours of raw video from your event that you will never get to see!

You tasked one of your bridesmaids to capture behind-the-scenes moments, but she's too busy with other duties and doesn't have time to capture the important shots.

Have complete creative control over your content and be able to post photos and videos immediately!



Here's how it works

The CBK team will get you and your best girls glammed up in the morning, all while capturing the getting-ready process by taking before & after photos and videos of makeup services.

We will 'take off' our makeup artist hats and put on our content creator gear and stay with you the rest of the evening - capturing candid, raw, special moments on your phone while updating your social media profiles in real-time.

We will work side-by-side with your professional photographer and videographer, making sure to stay out of their way. We will work together as your media team to deliver you the full package.

We will create, edit, and post photos & videos all in the same day. By the time the day is over and your phone is back in your hand, you will have curated, exceptional content that captured all parts of your special day to cherish forever.

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